Fitted lounge furniture, TV & media furniture and fitted bookcase units for Hertfordshire & Essex in the UK

One of the leading fitted TV & media furniture and fitted bookcase unit manufacturers – based in Hertfordshire & Essex in the UK.

Fitted lounge furniture and built-in TV & media lounge cabinets and fitted bookcases for Hertfordshire & Essex in the UK.

Our fitted lounge and TV & media furniture is designed to fulfill important aesthetic requirements where style and detail reflect personal taste. Audio equipment can be integrated into the design and can be made hidden, visual, remotely controlled, and accessible with or without ventilation. Storage for DVDs & CDs, etc., together with drawer, cupboard and bookcase shelving can all be designed to specification.

Radiators, TV cabinets, wall-to-wall shelving
Building around radiators, TVs, chimney breasts, etc., will not only create additional storage but add an attractive feature to any room.


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We have the answers for all your fitted furniture requirements - even the most difficult spaces - at competitive prices.

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